Best Practice Wine Tasting Tips

- EAT before your Wine Walk!  Please do not arrive hungry or with an empty stomach...many little sips of wine add up fast and there will not be anywhere quick to grab a bite.  Enjoy your entire day - starting with a solid meal helps!! 

- Wear comfortable shoes!  We walk less than one mile but could be on our feet for up to 4 hours.  Enjoy a stroll around the Healdsburg Square with insider-ish tips along the way.  I love to eat and drink and will show you a fun time around town! I have fun suggestions for your time in HBG and am happy to help with your travel planning!!  

- Don't Drink & Drive!! has lodging options & online hotel room availability. is great and Uber service worth the wait.  Drink lots of water and enjoy wine tasting responsibly!! 

- The website calendar is rarely up to date…please call or email to confirm your reservation and let me know if you have any questions at all! 

Hope to see you on a Let’s Go Wine Walk in Healdsburg - cheers and all the best!!